Toronto's Halloween Weather Will Be So Sunny This Year & You Can Ditch The Winter Coat

Toronto's Halloween weather is usually cold enough to force most people into the Canadian cliche of wearing a coat over your costume. However, this year looks a bit different.

According to The Weather Network, the 6ix is in for a sunny and mild Halloween evening this year with daytime temperatures reaching as high as 13 C during the day.

The city, which has been endlessly gloomy and rainy as of late, will also totally avoid any downpours, making it the perfect condition for trick-or-treating.

However, things will dip down into the single digits during the night, with a low of 4 C, so you'll want to keep a fall jacket on hand if you're planning on staying out late.

If you were hoping to plan an early Halloween party on Saturday, it's worth noting that you'll still have to contend with the rain, but daytime temps will still be warm.

If you're planning to take a stroll through the rain today, you might want to think twice about opening up an umbrella, or risk blowing away.

Ontario's weather forecast predicts a confusing combo of above-seasonal temperatures, powerful winds, and light rain today, with a potential for things to turn dangerous as the day progresses.

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Winter is just weeks away, but if Ontario's weather forecast has shown us anything this week, it's that Mother Nature is in no rush to make cold the new normal.

Residents will start seeing a shift from this week's widespread snow on Wednesday with things remaining mostly sunny and seasonal before rain develops in the evening, but it's Thursday's forecast that is the real game-changer.

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Toronto's Weather Forecast Says The City Will Be Hit With 5 Days Of Snow This Week

The 6ix could see up to 6 centimetres of snow this weekend.

It's time to bundle up! Toronto's weather forecast is calling for heaps of snow this week and you might want to stay indoors.

According to the Weather Network, the 6ix can expect to get hit by some flurries five days this week. The city is forecasted to get just under 1 centimetre of snow through Monday night, followed by 1 to 3 centimetres on Tuesday.

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Toronto's first major dumping of snow for the season is set to happen on Sunday, November 28 — and the city can expect even more snow next week.

Environment Canada has a special weather statement in effect for Toronto and they're warning of accumulating snow through Sunday.

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