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Toronto's Most Popular Pet Names Just Dropped & Some Are Truly Out Of This World

People were really vibing with The Lion King, too.

Toronto Associate Editor
Toronto's Most Popular Pet Names Just Dropped & Some Are Truly Out Of This World

If you're wondering if your cute furry companion has a unique name, Toronto's most popular pet names for 2021 were just revealed and there are some very nostalgic picks.

The most popular pet names of 2021 were unveiled by Rover, a website that connects pet owners with sitters and dog walkers, and while there are some cute choices, there are some peculiar picks as well. The company combed through its database of thousands of pet parents to discover what names were most popular.

This year, the most popular dog names for all of the good boys in Toronto were Milo, Leo, Charlie, Max, Teddy, Simba, Bruno, Rocky, Loki, and Buddy. And then there's Luna, Bella, Coco, Daisy, Lola, Nala, Lucy, Bailey, Molly, and Rosie for the ladies.

There are some commonly shared names between cats and dogs in the 6ix.

Luna is the number one choice as well for female felines, followed by Lola and Bella, with Coco and Lucy coming in at seventh and eighth place respectively.

Sophie, Daisy, Lily, Cookie, and Frankie also cracked the top 10. Meanwhile, Oliver, Oscar, Leo, Simba, Finn, Henry, Milo, Bear, Felix, and Gus, were the most popular names for male cats.

It seems like pet parents in the 6ix have a thing for The Lion King this year, as Simba cracked the top 10 list for dogs and cats and Nala came in sixth for dogs.

Toronto's dog names were also really out of this world this year (literally.) Many dog parents in the 6ix were inspired by outer space, with the names Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Aries (after the astrological sign), Rover and Comet trending.

Toronto's dog owners are also apparently itching to go on vacation, as Rover noted that Georgia, London, and Maui were all trending names.

Cat parents in the city were clearly inspired by their favourite fruits as Berry, Coconut, Fig, Lemon and Pineapple all made the list this year as popular picks.

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