Toronto Just Topped The List For The Most Pet-Friendly City In Canada & That's Pawesome

Two other Ontario cities cracked Canada's top five, too!

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Just Topped The List For The Most Pet-Friendly City In Canada & That's Pawesome

Well, it looks as if the 6ix is quite the muttropolitan area. After all, Toronto just came out on top as the most pet-friendly place in all of Canada, so how about a round of appaws?

By tallying up the number of vets, average annual costs to own a dog, pet-friendly restaurants, pet stores and even the amount of pet-friendly hotels, a recent report from MyBaggage crowned Toronto supreme as the most pet-friendly city in all of Canada.

Part of why the 6ix snagged this title was thanks to its number of pet stores, which is a whopping 114 in the city, according to the report.

Over the summer, Toronto was ranked one of the best spots to enjoy nature due to its vast walking trails and its number of dog parks, too, so there are plenty of activities to take your puppy pals on.


The 6ix wasn't the only Ontario-based city to crack the top-five list in the Great White North, either. Ottawa and North York also hit the charts at fourth and fifth, respectively.

While the ranking stops at five for Canada, the study also looked for the most pet-friendly cities across the U.S. and Europe. In the States, MyBaggage ranked Los Angeles in first place, calling it "the city of animals" due to its countless dog facilities. Overseas, Milan, Italy, was Europe's most pet-friendly spot.

Toronto's most popular pet names of the year were recently revealed, too, and some dog parents were really reaching for the stars when naming their fur babies. The top choices for cat names this year were Luna and Oliver, and for dogs, they were Luna (again) and Milo.

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