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Toronto's About To Get An Unexpected Blast Of Wildly Warm Weather

It'll be 23 degrees warmer than this morning's bitter cold! ☀️
Toronto's About To Get An Unexpected Blast Of Wildly Warm Weather

It looks like spring is on the horizon. Toronto's weather is about to get a lot warmer for a few days.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures in the city are set to soar early next week to 10 C, a dramatic 23-degree difference from this morning's bitter -13 C. 

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The seven-day forecast for Toronto shows that sub-zero wind chills will persist for most of this week, with the exception of this Wednesday's brief warmup to 8 C.

Monday, March 8 will usher in that spring-like warmth with 9 C, followed by 10 C on Tuesday, 6 C on Wednesday, and back up to 10 C on Thursday. 

Once we exit this cold snap, we can expect milder weather patterns throughout the month of March, according to The Weather Network's spring forecast for Ontario.

However, the forecast predicts that colder weather will make a return around mid-spring, with above-average rainfall expected over the course of the season.

Overall, Ontario's spring is slated to be warmer than years past, says TWN. Most of Canada can expect wet and wild spring weather this year.

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