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This Wild Video Of Someone 'Surfing' The Subway Has Gone Viral & The TTC Is Investigating

TTC said the stunt is illegal and it will be treated as such.

Toronto Associate Editor
Train Surfer Video On YouTube Leads To TTC Investigation

Someone on YouTube just posted a video of themselves taking a subway ride in Toronto in one of the most dangerous ways possible.

In a three-and-a-half-minute video uploaded on Sunday, August 22, YouTuber ChaseTO captured themselves on a GoPro "surfing" on the back of a Line 2 TTC train.


The poster shared their wild ride from Bathurst to Spadina station; their face is digitally blurred and the video is filmed from two angles using two devices — a handheld GoPro and a camera attached to the rider's head. Midway through the video, you can hear a TTC conductor shouting out to the joyrider as he hopped off the back of the cart and scurried down the Spadina platform.

"I surfed the back of a subway car in Toronto on line 2 of the TTC," ChaseTO wrote in the video description. "The conductor was less than thrilled when he saw me jump off at the next station." The video has now garnered over 13,000 views on YouTube and nearly 5,000 views on the user's Instagram Reels.

In an email, a TTC spokesperson told Narcity that they are aware of the incident and have turned over the investigation to their Transit Special Constables. "It probably goes without saying that this kind of stunt is not only incredibly dangerous and irresponsible, it is illegal and will be treated as such," the representative wrote.

ChaseTO has other daring videos on their YouTube page including footage of them recently sneaking into a casino.

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