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You Can Fly On Porter Airlines For $1 Next Month But You Have To Act Fast

Airport fees and taxes will still apply.

A Porter Airlines plane in the sky.

A Porter Airlines plane in the sky.

Associate Editor

Travelling around Canada just got a lot more exciting because a flight fare on Porter Airlines can cost you less than your daily latte from Tim Hortons.

Porter Airlines are offering travellers the chance to purchase flights for $1, but there's a catch.

As part of the airline's celebration to fly off to their new jet destinations, people can buy a plane ticket for $1 on their "inaugural and return flight, plus airport fees and taxes."

What that means is, yes, the roundtrip fare is $1, but the airport fees and taxes are not part of the offer. In other words, the roundtrip tickets could cost travellers anything between $81.80 and $97.32—which is still cheaper than a roundtrip to all these destinations.

If you thought that wasn't great enough, then you'll want to keep reading.

According to Porter Airlines, "when you are on an inaugural flight - you'll receive a $150 voucher for your next flight with us. Plus a chance to win a free round trip on Porter. The inaugural voucher and prizes will be provided at your departure gate."

Travellers will be able to board to and from Toronto to destinations such as Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Also, you'll want to buy a ticket fast because the offer only applies to the first 50 passengers, so you better find your spontaneity ASAP!

The Porter Airlines flights will take off on February 1 and will run until February 26, which, if you haven't taken a look at your yearly calendar, includes Family Day weekend in Ontario.

When booking the flight, you can head over to Porter Airlines' website and use their promo code.

If you wish to return on a different date, you can still benefit from this deal. If it's within "7 days of the inaugural flight, you can use the same promo code for a 50% discount on your return fare."

Good luck, travellers!

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