Uber Has Revealed The Canadian Cities That Have The Best & Worst Riders

It seems that Uber riders in one province are particularly bad. 😬

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Uber Has Revealed The Canadian Cities That Have The Best & Worst Riders

There's a new rating feature on the Uber app for riders and so the ride-sharing company has revealed the Canadian cities with the best and worst riders.

As of February 16, every rider can see exactly how their rating is calculated including how many drivers gave them a five-star rating, a single star, and everything in between.

To access the rating breakdown in the app, go to settings, tap privacy and then Privacy Center. Swipe to the right and tap "would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber."

Then scroll down to the "browse your data" section and tap "view my ratings" to see the breakdown.

Since riders can now see their rating, Uber has shared the top five Canadian cities with the highest and lowest average rider rating.

Riders in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, have the highest average rating in all of Canada.

They're followed by people in Red Deer, Alberta, Abbotsford, B.C., Brantford, Ontario, and Lethbridge, Alberta.

When it comes to the city with the lowest average rider rating, that honour — or dishonour — goes to Ottawa.

After the city is Toronto and Montreal, followed by the Ontario cities of London and Hamilton.

Ontarians in the cities with the lowest rider rating, along with Montrealers, might want to consider following tips from Uber drivers about how to improve their scores.

Drivers said they give fewer stars when they have to clean up a rider's mess, the rider doesn't wear a seatbelt, the rider makes them wait before getting in, the rider isn't respectful and the rider slams the door.

Earlier this year, a Torontonian had a bad experience with an Uber driver who, she alleged, refused to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols and then fraudulently reported her for $206 worth of damages.

While the rider had the $206 fee added to the cost of her trip, Uber did end up reversing the charges.

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