People Are Sharing Their 'Uniquely Canadian' Christmas Traditions & Some Places Go All Out

Ever heard of mummering?

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A Christmas dinner in Canada. Right: Quebec City at Christmas time.

A Christmas dinner in Canada. Right: Quebec City at Christmas time.

Every family, region and country that celebrates the holidays have their own Christmas events and traditions. Some traditions, like decorating a Christmas tree, are more common than others.

But, a Redditor recently asked what unique Christmas traditions Canadians have, and responses came in from across the country.

Posed on the community r/AskACandian, the question comes from someone who is spending their "first Christmas in Canada" and is looking for "fun things I should be looking forward to I didn't have in Ireland."

And, the Canadians really pulled through.

One of the top responses was from someone claiming to be from Newfoundland and Labrador, speaking about the traditions of Tibb's Eve – a night of drinking and revelry on December 23 and mummering – a tradition where you show up and perform in disguise at your neighbour's homes.

They also mention some Newfoundland & Labrador food like Cold Plates (deli meat and salad), Jigg's Dinner, (corned beef and boiled cabbage) and Fish and Brewis (cod and hard bread boiled together).

Another Redditor talked about the Francophone tradition of Reveillon, when "kids are woken up at midnight for present opening and a table full of food."

"All kinds of finger foods, thick pork stews, meat pies, layered sandwiches covered in cream cheese that looks like cake, lots more," they continued.

Another Redditor talked about a Quebec TV channel playing the Asterix cartoons around the holiday, as well as a recipe for canned cherries wrapped in bacon that they describe as "the best finger food on the whole damn table."

Others talked about less geographically-specific traditions such as Christmas baking, markets and lights and, of course, cozy Christmas movies.

Naturally, uniquely Canadian treats like butter tarts and Nanaimo bars also got mentioned as part of the holiday-time menu.

And, there was some mention of the oh-so-very Canadian tradition of celebrating Boxing Day on December 26.

Plus, there were comments about our Europe-inspired Christmas markets, which actually take place across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver.

So, with December just around the corner, and whatever your holiday tradition might be, there's plenty of the Christmas season to look forward to!

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