7 Of The Strangest Calls BC Conservation Officers Got In 2021 & It Includes Bear Compensation

Watch out for the deer with a lopsided ear, too!

Western Canada Editor
7 Of The Strangest Calls BC Conservation Officers Got In 2021 & It Includes Bear Compensation

Some of the strangest calls that the B.C. Conservation Office Service received in 2021 have just been released.

According to the Conservation Officer Service Facebook page, their call centre gets around 30,000 enquiries each year.

They posted: "We’re bound to get a few that leave us wondering or scratching our heads."

For a little lighthearted moment, they released a snippet of their most unique calls.

Deer with a Lopsided Ear

Someone called to say that she saw a deer with a lopsided ear walking across the street.

Cougar with a Pink Collar

This person called to say they thought they'd seen a cougar in their backyard wearing a pink collar.

The caller also said it was drinking water from their pond.

Cat Fight

A caller who has two pet cats said she was woken up by the pair "screaming and freaking out".

She said there was "something" — perhaps a large cat — jumping against the bedroom window.

Rustling in the Bushes

How many times do you hear the bushes rustling? Well, this person decided to call B.C. Conservation Service.

They said while walking home they had heard rustling in the bushes. They didn't know what it was, only that it was not a cat, dog, raccoon or snake. Will the mystery person/animal please reveal themselves!

Spooky Siesta

An animal described as light brown and white was taking a nap in someone's backyard.

The caller seemed concerned as to why it had chosen their backyard to take a siesta in — and they also didn't know what the animal was.

Bear Compensation

A bear that keeps damaging a woman's shed is driving her around the bend, so much so that she called the B.C. Conservation Service asking for how she can get compensation for the damage to her outbuilding which stores her garbage.

Otter Orthodontics

Someone seems to know their otter facial expressions as a caller said they spotted the animal sitting on a log with what they described as an irritated mouth.

Daniel Milligan
Western Canada Editor