A Cougar Was Handcuffed By RCMP Officers After Being Spotted In Someone's Backyard In BC

Maybe they thought it was a cat burglar?

A Cougar Was Handcuffed By RCMP Officers After Being Spotted In Someone's Backyard In BC

A cougar was handcuffed by police officers in B.C. after it was spotted in someone's backyard.

RCMP cuffed the cougar's paws so officers could relocate the massive animal instead of having it euthanized.

According to police, the big cat was tranquillized after someone spotted it in their backyard in Maple Ridge, B.C., on February 13. After seeing the animal, they called the police.

A police officer and a B.C. Conservation officer went to the property and found the cougar.

In a release, RCMP said it was "a beautiful day" outside so the area was full of people enjoying the weather in their yards.

Because of this, they say there was a risk to the public's safety, and "the Conservation officer advised there was a high likelihood the animal might need to be euthanized."

After a discussion, they determined they would be able to relocate the animal instead. Police secured the surrounding area and asked people in the neighbourhood to stay inside as conservation officers tranquillized the cougar. Police officers said they oversaw the operation.

Once the cougar was tranquillized, police used the handcuffs to restrain the animal "until the conservation officer could secure the cougar for appropriate transport and relocation to an undisclosed area."

The RCMP's Sgt. Hiesler thanked all of the residents who helped make sure the cougar made it out safely and said that they "certainly did not want to see this beautiful creature euthanized and so, due to the public’s assistance, the cougar was able to be relocated safely."

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.