A Dog In BC Sniffed Out $2M Of Drugs Being Smuggled Across The Border & He Looks Proud AF

He's retired now! 🐶

Vancouver Editor
A Dog In BC Sniffed Out $2M Of Drugs Being Smuggled Across The Border & He Looks Proud AF

This dog in B.C. busted $2 million worth of drugs that were being smuggled across the Canadian border, and he looks so proud of himself in the photo.

The dog, named Garner, is a police dog who is now retiring, but he'll definitely be missed. The RCMP released a statement about the beloved pup, who is saying goodbye after almost six years of work.

He was great at his job, "protecting and serving the nearly two million residents who live in the Lower Mainland," the police said.

Garner was so good that, with his handler by his side, they did "246 successful apprehensions."

Although he looks like a regular cute dog, he actually tracked down three homicide suspects, "in two separate events that were happening in real time," said the police.

Maybe the biggest accomplishment of his very successful career was a $2 million bust. He busted the narcotics that were being smuggled into Canada, and judging by the photo he was pretty happy about his work!


"Garner was beyond fearless in protecting his handler and anyone else in danger, and courageously saved his handler’s life on several occasions," they added.

From chasing down bad guys to sniffing out contraband, he is one very good boy.

Now though, he is going to spend his time playing fetch, swimming] and resting knowing he did his job to keep his region safe.

He is staying with his handler's family even in his retirement, and his handler is going to be training a new pup soon!

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