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BC Locals Are Sharing Jobs In Canada That Pay 100K & Some Don't Require Degrees

Time for a career switch?

Vancouver street.

Vancouver street.


If you're looking for jobs in B.C. — or anywhere in Canada for that matter — that pay a great salary, it might feel hopeless at first. Luckily, a Vancouver Reddit thread came through and locals who make $100,000 a year or more shared what their jobs are.

Some don't even require a degree, so you could get into the field ASAP, and start making that money.

With the cost of living so high in Vancouver, it doesn't hurt to try and find a high-paying job. If that's top of mind for you, check out one of these gigs.


Depending on your academic qualifications, and years of experience, teachers in Vancouver can make up to $91,000. You also get to help shape young minds, and get summers off!

You do need an undergraduate degree, as well as a teacher's degree, to do this occupation.

Court reporter

A few people actually suggested looking into becoming a court stenographer, if you want to make $100,000. The average salary for the gig in Canada is about $97,600, but you could make up to $120,945 if you work up to a senior role.

You'll need to do a certification from the National Court Reporters Association, but you don't need a degree to be a court reporter.

Truck Driver

One truck driver spoke up in the comments, and you can make great money in the position. Some job postings for Long Haul Truck Drivers in B.C. right now are offering around $120,000. Plus, no university degree is required.

Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist in the thread pipped up, and said that there's a "huge shortage right now" in the field. You can make great money in this job, but you do need a diploma.

Mechanical engineer

It's not the easiest field to get into, but engineers can make serious money. A few people in the thread said they made over $100,000 as a mechanical engineer, but you'll need a degree in the field.

IT Project Manager

Apparently, IT project managers are bringing in some good money, and Glassdoor backs that up. To land one of these jobs though, you usually need a Bachelor's degree in the field.

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