BC Lotto Winner Says She Was In 'Disbelief' After A Scratch & Win Changed Her Life

She won some major cash! 💰

B.C. lotto winner Joyce Preston.
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B.C. lotto winner Joyce Preston.

A lottery winner in B.C. was in complete shock and disbelief after finding out she won a huge chunk of cash from a simple Scratch & Win ticket.

Joyce Preston from Vancouver bought her lucky winning ticket at a Shell Select station on the corner of Oak St. and King Edward Ave. in Vancouver.

"I was at home and scratched this ticket as the last in a bunch," Preston said. "I looked at the matching number and it said $1 million" she added.

When BCLC asked Preston how she felt about her major winnings, she replied, "First, I was in shock and disbelief but eventually it started to become more real when I told my family."

Preston first shared the news of her big win with her daughter, to which she replied by screaming, "Oh my god, a million!"

The recent lottery winner plans on putting some of her winnings towards a vacation with friends and helping her grandchildren with their education.

According to BCLC, more than $177 million was redeemed from Scratch & Win tickets, in 2022.

Not to mention, more than a few people living in B.C. won some serious cash from Lotto Max prize draws, too.

One Lotto Max winner in B.C. scored a record-breaking win of $31 million, from the July 8 Lotto Max draw, in 2022. It was the biggest win from a ticket bought on PlayNow.com.

Another Lotto Max winner in B.C. won a $500,000 Extra prize in the November 25 Lotto Max draw, in 2022, after purchasing her ticket on a whim.

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