The BC Weather Forecast Is Calling For 'Record-Breaking Warmth' & It'll Feel Like Summer

October is heating up! 🔥

Beach in Vancouver, B.C. Right: Vancouver seawall in the fall.

Beach in Vancouver, B.C. Right: Vancouver seawall in the fall.

The B.C. weather forecast for October is looking surprisingly toasty with late-summer temperatures and even a delay in the rainy season.

While other parts of Canada are feeling the fall chill, people in Vancouver can still hit up the beach for some sun this fall.

Western Canada has seen warmer than average temperatures lately, according to The Weather Network's October forecast. This pattern is even set to continue throughout the first two weeks of the month.

People in B.C. might see some "quick shots of colder weather," but nothing like the usual fall temperatures we've come to expect.

TWN even said the temperatures are expected to be "more typical of late summer at times" with some places in Western Canada expecting "record-breaking warmth."

B.C.'s South Coast is predicted to get extra lucky because there will also be "a delay in the start of the rainy season."

The usually cozy Thanksgiving weekend that people are used to might be a little warmer this year for some in Western Canada, but people in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are expected to start out the long weekend with temperatures "more typical of early November."

British Columbians might not be laughing for long though, because TWN said "there are several signals in the global pattern that support a shift in the pattern, which would allow the warmer than normal weather in the west to spread back east."

Towards the end of October, TWN is expecting "that B.C. will see a transition to a more typical mid-fall pattern both in terms of temperatures and the beginning of the rainy season."

So make the most of that warm weather while it lasts!

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.