This Stunning Beach From The Movie 'Twilight' Is Just A Road Trip From Vancouver (PHOTOS)

La Push, baby!

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
​A girl standing on La Push Beach. Right: La Push beach.

A girl standing on La Push Beach. Right: La Push beach.

Out of the many stunning road-trip destinations in B.C., locations featured in the Twilight saga may just be the worthiest of all.

There are countless filming locations in Vancouver that have previously hosted the likes of Bella et al., but there's one particularly iconic spot from the books that every Twihard should visit: La Push, baby!

La Push — a sacred place for the Quileute Tribe — not only features prominently in Stephenie Meyer's New Moon, but it also offers hiking trails and unbeatable Pacific Ocean views just a six-hour drive from Vancouver.

There are three beaches in La Push: First Beach is accessible by car and is a hot spot for surfing in the Pacific Northwest, Second Beach is known for its relatively easy trails and Third Beach requires a 200-foot descent, but the views are so worth it.

For obvious reasons, the beaches are very popular amongst the YA fiction fanbase.

Whether you're Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Indifferent, there are a number of reasons to make the journey along this gorgeous stretch of coastline — even if it's just to stand there channelling that main-character energy, feeling moody.

If you're planning a trip out, you'll need to purchase an Olympic National Park pass before arriving. Be sure to respect the signage and Quileute Tribe's etiquette requests while you're there.

La Push

Price: $15 USD per person.

Address: La Push, WA, U.S.A.


Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.
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