'Twilight' Filming Locations Are All Over BC & Some Of Them Are Breathtaking

Time for a Twilight tour?

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'Twilight' Filming Locations Are All Over BC & Some Of Them Are Breathtaking

If you're a real Twilight fan, then you have to go and visit these breathtaking filming locations in B.C.

There are so many scenes in the iconic movie series where you can recognize B.C., and when you visit you'll feel like Bella in Forks.

It makes sense that the province was chosen as a filming spot for Twilight — it's a top pick for many movie filming locations. Plus, the number of rainy days makes it the perfect environment for vampires.

Grab all your Twihard friends and pack your car for a road trip and sight-see all these filming locations. It makes for a super fun weekend activity and many of the spots are close to Vancouver.

Plus, you can get some stunning pictures at these locations.

David Thompson Secondary School

In Twilight Saga: Eclipse, David Thompson Secondary School was used to film Forks High School, according to IMDb.

The school is located right in Vancouver, so it's just a quick trip to go and see it if you're in the city!

Keery Park

Surrey Now-Leader reported that Bella Swan's house was rebuilt at Keery Park — located at 184 Street and 28 Avenue, in Surrey, B.C.

Filming of Twilight Breaking Dawn, parts one and two, happened around this lush green park.

Capilano University

According to IMDb, a portion of the Eclipse movie was filmed at Capilano University. Capilano University is in North Vancouver and is a very short drive from downtown Vancouver.

You can visit this school in the spring and admire all the beautiful flowers in the area.

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

Twilight Saga Fandom reported that the rock climbing scenes in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, were filmed at Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.

Other shots of the wedding in part one of this movie were filmed in Squamish as well.

The Chief hike is an intense one, but the stunning views at the top are worth it. Unfortunately, we can't all climb the rocks like the Cullen family.

Belcarra Regional Park

In Breaking Dawn - Part 2, some outdoor scenes were filmed at Belcarra Regional Park, according to Twilight Saga Fandom.

The park is located in the Greater Vancouver area. This is a large and popular spot with many picturesque hiking trails around the area.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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