Canada's Largest Earthquake Drill Happened & This Is What You Had To Do

People should "drop, cover and hold on."

Canada's Largest Earthquake Drill Happened & This Is What You Had To Do
Western Canada Editor

Canada's largest earthquake drill happened on Thursday, October 21 — and here is how it went down.

The event, called the Great British Columbia ShakeOut, aims to equip Canadians with the knowledge of what to do if there is an earthquake. It is happening on the same day that a 'weather bomb' hits parts of B.C. with hurricane-force winds gusts expected for some areas.

ShakeOutBC organizers say B.C. is at high risk of earthquake damage in relation to the rest of Canada but they want all Canadians to take part and "create muscle memory" in case of an earthquake.

They say that drills like this help people react quickly by finding a safe space to seek refuge if they were placed in a real-life situation.

When Is The Drill?

The drill is at 10.21 a.m. local time wherever you are based in the country.

What Steps Should You Take During The Drill?

Organizers say you should drop, cover and hold on as if there was actually an earthquake taking place.

That means wherever you are at the time of the drill — work, home, at school, on public transit — and you should stay in that braced position for one minute.

If you want to be super prepared, organizers say you can secure items that could fall or fly in a real earthquake situation.

You can hear the alert and follow along by registering online.

Daniel Milligan
Western Canada Editor