This Easy 4.7 km Hike In Vancouver Leads You To An Emerald Swimming Hole In The Forest

It's honestly so surreal.

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
People at the 30-foot pool in Lyn Canyon, North Vancouver.

People at the 30-foot pool in Lyn Canyon, North Vancouver.

Though the Vancouver weather forecast has recently been uncharacteristically snowy, spring isn't too far away — which means that BC hiking trails are about to bloom into spectacular colour.

One of North Vancouver's most popular adventure destinations, Lynn Canyon draws in crowds all year long and for good reason — there's a free suspension bridge, incredible trails and a stunning swimming hole, the latter of which you'll encounter along an easy 4.7-kilometre trail through lush forest.

The trail is open throughout the four seasons, though the emerald waters tend to stay chilly. Prepare for a cool, refreshing dip in a 30-foot pool and be sure to bring towels to warm up with after.

You might also want to have your picnic basket (and camera) in tow for a scenic meal on the nearby rocks.

Getting there early is always a good idea if you want to beat the crowds, so set your alarm and plan to grab some coffee on the way.

Even if you aren't typically an early bird or a seasoned hiker, the views are most definitely worth it and the trail isn't too challenging.

30-Foot Pool Loop

Address: 2H9, Baden Powell Trail., North Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Beautiful boardwalks, lush greenery and a 30-foot swimming hole with cool blue waters can all be found along the 4.7 kilometres of this trail.


Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.