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A Maskless Workout Happened In A BC Mall & It Was In Protest To The Gym Closures

They are planning to do more.

Western Canada Editor
A Maskless Workout Happened In A BC Mall & It Was In Protest To The Gym Closures

There was a protest at a mall in B.C., where a group of people worked out without masks on.

The gathering was to protest the closure of gyms in B.C., which as of January 18 have no re-opening date.

In a video posted to TikTok, you can see the group doing the workout in the middle of the mall, while security guards watch. Participants are doing some high-intensity exercises — like burpees, squats, lunges, and sit-ups.

There are signs being held up by some people, and multiple of them read: "Fitness is essential."


Metrotown Mall HIIT Demonstration To end gym mandates.#freecanada #fitnessisessential #mentalhealthmatters #openupcanada #freebc #exerciseismedicine

Another video of the protest was posted to Instagram by Vanessa Stone. The caption said: "These mandates in effect do absolutely nothing to improve our mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health, nor improve immunity. . . Let’s fight the GOOD fight for our freedom and keep our true North Strong and Free!"

Although masks are mandatory in B.C., while in indoor places, all participants in the video are not wearing them.

Stone also said in the comment that "if you want to come to the next one, share and comment on this post!" so it appears there are going to be more demonstrations similar to this.

The gyms in B.C. have been closed since December 22 last year in response to the Omicron variant spreading throughout the province.

Although the date for re-opening was previously set for January 18, the province recently changed the order. Now there is no expiration date to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

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