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This Massive Farm For Sale In BC Is Cheaper Than The Average Condo In Metro Vancouver

It might be time to ditch the city life! 🌾

Vancouver Staff Writer
​Inside of the home. Right: Property field and mountain views.

Inside of the home. Right: Property field and mountain views.

This huge riverfront farm is for sale in B.C. and will make you want to embrace the country life, leaving behind the expensive city.

The stunning property is surrounded by mountains and breathtaking scenery, yet still manages to be cheaper than a condo in Vancouver.

The property is located in Bella Coola, B.C., and it's listed for $749,000.

According to WOWA, the benchmark price for a condo in Metro Vancouver is a steep $845,000 — and they don't usually come with 50 acres of land.

The lush green farmland is right beside a river, creating a peaceful-looking oasis. The vibes of this entire property are so wholesome.

Property field and mountain views.Property field and mountain views.LandQuest

Imagine growing all your own fruits and vegetables on your own farm and fishing in the river alongside your property.

Crops on the property.Crops on the property.LandQuest

The home will also come with a field that is fully planted, with over 500 blueberry bushes and some fruit trees.

Fruit tree on the property.Fruit tree on the property.LandQuest

There are also multiple buildings on this massive property including the main house, barn, greenhouse, shop and outbuildings.

The main home has two stories, three bedrooms and giant windows where you can see the farm from.

\u200bInside of the home.Inside of the home.LandQuest

Even the kitchen is pretty big and has some unique industrial-type cabinets with open shelving.

Industrial style kitchen.Industrial style kitchen.LandQuest

This home is a great property to escape city life and pick up a new farming hobby. You might not get all the perks of living in Vancouver, but you will definitely have more space!

Firvale Riverfront Farm

\u200bMain home on the property.

Main home on the property.


Price: $749,000

Address: Bella Coola, BC


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