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6 Places Near Vancouver Where Condos Are Selling Much Cheaper Than Downtown Prices

Live the Vancouver life, without the steep price!

Vancouver Staff Writer
​High rise condo building. Right: Condo buildings in Vancouver.

High rise condo building. Right: Condo buildings in Vancouver.

Vancouver, B.C, is well known for its super high housing prices, which make it tough to find a place to live.

Being a homeowner is like a faraway dream for people in the city — so it might be time to reconsider downtown life. Buying a condo a bit outside of the city can save you some serious money, but you'll still be close to the hustle and bustle.

Some of these places actually even look more appealing and charming than Vancouver.

Currently, the average condo in Vancouver costs a hefty $1 million, according to Zolo.

If you're not ready to dish out that kind of cash, take a look at these charming cities nearby.


Average Condo Price: $644,000

The dreamy town of Langley is about a 53-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. You will likely see lots of cute farms around here, and some charming cafes and restaurants.

This town might just be a breath of fresh air from city life.


Average Condo Price: $638,000

Just a ferry ride — or floatplane ride — away from Vancouver, B.C., this city is stunning.

Victoria is such a nice spot, right along the ocean. If you are looking to get away from city life while still remaining somewhat close, this island town is an amazing spot to do so.

There is so much to explore while living there — not to mention the amazing day trip travel spots you could take.

New Westminster

Average Condo Price: $649,000

New Westminster is about a 36-minute drive from Vancouver. It's a great option if you work in the city of Vancouver and want to remain pretty close.

North Vancouver

Average Condo Price: $915,000

While North Vancouver condos are still on the pricier side, they are still cheaper than downtown Vancouver.

The bonus about buying in North Vancouver is you have great access to the ski mountains like Grouse, Cypress and Seymour.

Just imagine hitting up the slopes after a day of work.


Average Condo Price: $675,000

Squamish is a great spot to settle down. It has great access to the ski town of Whistler, B.C. and amazing hiking spots. As the town grows bigger, the food and restaurant scene is also growing in Squamish.

The location is prime because Vancouver is a 57-minute drive away.


Average Condo Price: $764,000

Burnaby is basically becoming the new Vancouver. The city life is still very much all around in Burnaby, B.C. You won't have to give up superb shopping, restaurants and shops while living here.

It will give you the same city condo vibes at a lower cost.

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