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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Are Matching Donations To This Vancouver Charity

They're supporting children in the city. ❤️

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Staff Writer

A local Vancouver charity is getting some major love from Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively — after the couple pledged to match donations this holiday season.

The celebrity couple is supporting children in Reynolds' hometown and bringing awareness to kids' nutrition.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank started back in 1983 and its mission is to provide healthy food for those in need, according to its website.

Reynolds and Lively are raising awareness for the charity's Baby Steps nutrition program and matching donations of up to $25,000 for it.

The program will help local babies in need of formula, diapers, and nutritious baby food.

"Ryan and Blake are expecting a child in the new year, and they want to support our Baby Steps program to ensure the babies in our communities receive the nutrition they need to thrive," the Greater Vancouver Food Bank said in an Instagram post.

Just last month, the Baby Steps program helped 442 babies in need, which was a 121% increase from what was predicted, it added.

On December 20, the iconic actor from Vancouver also shouted out this hometown charity in an Instagram story and asked his massive following of $46.9 million people, to check them out.

"Blake and I are matching donations up to $25,000 for @vanfoodbank. If you can't donate or need assistance, please check them out," he said.

Ryan Reynolds' story.Ryan Reynolds' story.@vancityreynolds | Instagram

You can join Reynolds and Lively on their journey to help these babies in need. Donations can be made through the Greater Vancouver Food Bank's website.

There are options to donate once, with the minimum donation starting at $5. The donation platform will also allow you to set up a monthly donation if you prefer.

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