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Secret BC Hiking Trail Takes You Past 2 Waterfalls & Leads To A Brilliant Blue Lake

After hours of Zoom calls, chances are your body is craving some fresh air and escape from your computer. If you happen to love hiking more than anything, then this secret B.C. hiking trail is a must-try. It takes you past two waterfalls and a brilliant blue lake.

Can you climb to St. Mark's Summit without breaking a sweat? If so, you are probably up for the challenge of reaching Eaton Lake in Fraser Valley.

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Two hours from Vancouver, just past Hope, you'll find the challenging 8.2-kilometre trek.

Round trip it will take you five and a half hours to complete. But you can stop as often as you need to take breaks.

For this adventure, you'll want to make sure you prepare correctly and wear suitable hiking shoes. For much of the journey, there will be a steep climb similar in difficulty to the famous Grouse Grind.

At first, it isn't overly intense, but the difficulty will increase after the first waterfall. As such, if you are feeling tired, it is an excellent area to turn around after you've marvelled as the cascading falls.

The lookout point is roughly 30 minutes from the start and provides a great photo opportunity of the water pouring over a cliff of moss-covered rocks.

But as we all know, difficult roads often lead to stunning destinations. So if you are feeling fine, keep going.

Continuing further, you'll slowly begin gaining in altitude following the switchbacks. Eventually, you'll reach a sign marking the halfway point.

There you'll cross a bridge over a creek and reach the second but equally lovely waterfall.

Finally, you'll reach the main attraction, the peaceful Eaton Lake.

Here you'll want to take a seat and enjoy the view of the mirror-like surface that reflects the surrounding mountains before you turn around and return the way you came.

Eaton Lake

Price: Free

Address: Eaton Lake, Fraser Valley B, BC

Why You Need To Go: Don't have a home gym? Well, you can get some cardio and see three natural wonders all in one afternoon.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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