'The Vampire Diaries' Stars Have A Bourbon Brand & It's Coming To BC

The Salvatore brothers collab we all needed. 🥃

​Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Right: Brother's Bond Bourbon.
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Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Right: Brother's Bond Bourbon.

The Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are bringing their bourbon brand to Canada and you'll be able to purchase it in B.C.

Brother's Bond Bourbon will be released at BC Liquor on August 5, so if you're a huge fan of the popular series that ended in 2017, or just really love bourbon, you'll want to run to the stores.

The name of the bourbon, Brother's Bond Bourbon, is quite fitting because Somerhalder and Wesley played the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries series.

The two characters were based on ancient vampires brothers that had to deal with modern world problems. The series had eight seasons and started in 2009. After years of entertainment, fans were forced to say goodbye.

In real life, these two are just a couple of friends that decided to collaborate, start a business and make up a tasty bourbon to share with the world.

The bottle of straight bourbon whiskey from the U.S. will be sold for $69.99 in BC Liquor stores.

The drink is "exceptionally rich with complex notes of baked banana bread, dried fruit, honey, warm rye and a touch of sweetness and spice," the BC Liquor website said.

If you're looking to try the drink but need a little recipe inspiration, the official Instagram for this bourbon brand, @brothersbondbourbon, has a cocktail recipe book in its highlights.

Unfortunately, there are no ancient recipes with vampire blood or werewolf hair to go with these mortal recipes.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
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