There's An IRL Zombie Apocalypse You Can Try To Survive In Vancouver & It's Legit Scary

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There's An IRL Zombie Apocalypse You Can Try To Survive In Vancouver & It's Legit Scary
Courtesy of Epic Experiences, Moori | Dreamstime

You can enter into a zombie apocalypse in Vancouver, but it's not for the faint of heart.

Zombies are a classic and widely popular horror genre, from films and TV to books. They have amassed such a large global fanbase that there's even an aesthetic called "zombiecore" — which, according to Aesthetics Wiki, is "an aesthetic based on the feeling, sensation, and visuals of being a zombie or surviving a zombie apocalypse."

So basically, people are super into zombies, despite them not being real. Or so we hope.

On a scale of binge-watching zombie movies to planning (or maybe even starting) a survival bunker, how ready are you for a zombie apocalypse, though?

If you’ve daydreamed of a Vancouver-themed adaptation of Zombieland — where people would probably try to go hide in Stanley Park — then you'll love this scavenger hunt.

It's all around the city, making it as IRL as you can get.

You have one hour to scavenge for supplies and make it out alive, so pick your team wisely, because your life (actually, just your survival points) depends on it.

Because this is a modern-day zombie apocalypse, smartphones are allowed. In fact, you’re supposed to use them to find food, supplies and shelter.

All the while, you'll be fighting off zombies and rival colonies who might either eat you (don't worry, not literally) or take your hard-earned supplies.

You'll also come across challenges and trivia questions along the way, which if you complete or answer correctly, will earn you virtual weapons.

Your mission is to earn at least 4,000 points in an hour to survive the apocalypse.

This actually sounds like the perfect group date activity too. You can really see what your date is made of and whether you'd survive the apocalypse together. After that, you can make it through anything, right?

Vancouver Zombie Scavenger — Survival Game

Courtesy of Epic Experiences

Price: $26+ for a team of up to 10 people

Address: 850 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: This is your chance to live out your zombiecore dreams in an immersive zombie apocalypse scavenger hunt.


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