You may want to think twice about going to a Vancouver beach party. Apparently, there's going to be another party at Third Beach on Friday, July 31, and health officials are saying you shouldn’t attend. Police will even be patrolling the area. 

As COVID-19 cases spike, health officials are urging everyone to air on the side of caution when going into public. 

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While places like Banff have made masks mandatory, Vancouver is getting flack for hosting beach parties. 

Third Beach in the city came under fire just one week ago when massive crowds gathered for a drum circle. 

By the looks of the photos online, social distancing was not happening. 

Following that event, someone put up a photo of Dr. Bonnie Henry at the beach to watch over everyone. 

Despite the disappointment expressed by many, there's another beach party being held at the same location tonight according to a sign photographed by CityNews. 

According to CityNews, Adrian Dix is now saying you need to think twice about attending a large gathering during this pandemic. 

Dix said that while everyone is invited, someone needs to take responsibility and write down everyone's information who attends the party. 

“We all have the responsibility to look at that situation and to look around to the people we know and love and to make the right decision,” said Dix to CityNews. 

During the Friday beach party, police will be in attendance to educate rather than issue fines. 

This weekend is the long weekend and while people have plans in place, Dix is wanting to ensure people don’t forget about the pandemic. 

Over the Canada Day long weekend, there were a number of cases connected to parties in Kelowna

Dix has taken to his Twitter account to thank those in B.C. who have listened to the suggestions from health officials on how to get the COVID-19 growth curve back down.

“Until we have a vaccine, we all need to find the balance of reducing risks+increasing social connections,” wrote Dix. 

“It's not difficult to do, but requires all of our effort, all of the time.”