A YouTuber Asked People In Toronto What They Think Of Vancouver & Things Got Real​

Everyone was ready to defend their city!

YouTuber ​Saye Pries talking to someone in the streets of Toronto.

YouTuber Saye Pries talking to someone in the streets of Toronto.

A YouTuber showed just how real the rivalry between Toronto and Vancouver is, by hitting the streets of each and asking locals their honest opinions about the cities across the country from each other.

As you might expect, people did not hold back — especially the ones in Toronto. Everything from Vancouver's nightlife to the cost of living was torn to shreds.

Vancouver locals tried to defend their city, but most of them at least admitted that the nightlife is nothing to brag about.

The YouTube video is hilarious for those living in the 6ix and honestly pretty heartbreaking for anyone in Vancouver.

It starts out with someone saying that they heard Vancouver is good, "but you can't get a house." Honestly, no arguing there either.

It wasn't all bad for Vancouver. Their claim to fame was the mountains, ocean, and generally beautiful nature. Although one person did mention the amount of green space in Toronto, nothing compares to the West Coast scenery.

Torontonians were ready to defend their city though. People shouted out how friendly it is, the diversity and the nightlife. On the flip side, some people in Vancouver criticized Toronto for having less friendly people.

The roasting went back and forth, and one person in Toronto even said that "people in Vancouver are cold," and that it has "no nightlife."

"I think Vancouver definitely has the edge on just like more environmentally friendly, it's a little bit cleaner, it's a little bit easier to get around with the transportation, with the biking," one Vancouverite argued.

The negative aspect of Vancouver that almost all of the locals agreed upon? Someone in the video said it best: "It's expensive as f**k."

The YouTuber, Saye Pries, told Narcity that he started his channel just for fun, and his goal is to make videos hoping "to break social boundaries and make strangers from all social backgrounds more relatable."

"I'm all about bringing people together through this content. I try to keep the opinions as varied as possible so people get a real/raw viewing experience," he added.

One thing is for sure — he definitely got some real opinions in this video!

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is the Travel Editor for Narcity Media focused and is based in Vancouver, B.C.