Yukon's COVID-19 Case Rate Is The Highest In The Country By A Landslide Right Now

Here's how the rest of the country measures up.

COVID-19 Cases In Canada: Yukon Is Leading The Country In Active Case Rates

If you've been keeping up with COVID-19 case rates in Canada, you may have noticed that Yukon has pulled ahead in a very big way.

According to Canada's data from July 18, the current active case rate in Yukon is 181. The active case rate is the number of active cases per 100,000 people in the population.

Government of Canada

To put this in perspective, Yukon's northern neighbours, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, both have an active case rate of zero. Meanwhile, the next highest active case rate is in Manitoba where the rate is 68.

Next in line is Saskatchewan with 24, B.C. and Alberta with a rate of 13 each, Newfoundland and Labrador with 10, and so on.

The entire country has an active case rate of only 12. As for active cases themselves, Yukon has 76. This may seem like a small number in comparison to Ontario's 1,378, but relative to the population, it's actually quite significant.

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