Tim Hortons, McDonald's & Starbucks Rank Among The Worst Retailers For Toxic Chemicals

They didn't get good grades on this report card.
Hands holding three cups of coffee together.
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Hands holding three cups of coffee together.

Tim Hortons, McDonald's and Starbucks have been revealed as some of the worst companies for the environment when it comes to toxic chemicals in products and packaging.

An annual report card that ranks the largest retailers in Canada and the U.S. based on toxic chemicals was released and it gave some familiar favourites failing grades.

Tim Hortons and Starbucks both got Fs along with Popeyes and Burger King.

While McDonald's is still among the worst and got a D this year, the fast-food chain actually improved from the F it got in 2019 and 2018.

Metro, a grocery store chain in Ontario and Quebec, ranked last out of the 50 retailers that were looked at for this report.

Lisa Belmonte
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