You Can Get Paid $1K To Watch All The 'Fast & Furious' Films & Here's How To Enter

It will take you about 20 hours to watch all the movies.

A scene from the 2021 film F9: The Fast Saga. Right: A man eating popcorn while watching a movie.
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A scene from the 2021 film F9: The Fast Saga. Right: A man eating popcorn while watching a movie.

If you are a fan of The Fast & Furious franchise and are in need of some extra cash, then there is a job opportunity that may be perfect for you.

FinanceBuzz, an informational website that provides tips and recommendations on financial decisions, is looking for someone to binge all 10 films and will pay you $1,000 for your time.

According to the job posting, the company says it needs someone to devote 20 hours to watching the films ahead of the upcoming release of the new film Fast X on May 19.

What's the point of all this?

The company says it needs someone to take notes of all the car crashes in the Vin Diesel-led films. The candidate will also be required to count the number of accidents, the extent of the damages and what cars are involved in each of the 10 films.

FinanceBuzz will then use that information to estimate the "insurance impact" of the franchise's "reckless driving" for an upcoming story.

To be eligible for the gig, you must be able to rent or stream movies at home and be able to head over to a movie theatre to watch Fast X. You must also be based in the U.S. and be at least 18 years old.

On top of the $1,000, the company will also add another $100 to cover the cost of any streaming fees, movie tickets and snacks.

Anyone who is interested must fill out an online form to tell the company why they are the perfect fit for the role.

Applications close on May 19, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET. The chosen candidate will be selected on May 26 and contacted via email.

Once they are selected, the person will have two weeks to finish watching all the movies.

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