6 Ways Canadians Can Make Extra Money For The Holidays Because Being Broke Is No Joke

Being paid to shop? What a gift! 🎁

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6 Ways Canadians Can Make Extra Money For The Holidays Because Being Broke Is No Joke

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It's scary how easy it is to overspend during the holidays as we set off to buy presents for our friends, our family and ourselves. With a bit of planning, there are ways to not only save money but earn a little extra on the side, too.

There are apps, websites and other tools you can download and start using so you can earn some spare change for the holidays. The money can go towards paying off your credit card balance, buying someone special a thoughtful gift or donating it to a local charity. What you do with your money is up to you!

Here are six ways you can earn some extra money this holiday season.

Download the Ampli app

Details: This app lets you earn cash back from transactions with hundreds of participating brands including Indigo, Rexall, Adidas, and more. When you want to cash out, all you have to do is send yourself a free e-transfer once your balance is over $15.

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Download the Drop app

Details; This app syncs to your bank card so you can automatically earn points for shopping at your favourite brands like Lululemon and Sephora. It even works when you use other apps like Uber or Lyft. Once you've accumulated enough points, you can turn them into gift cards.

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Shop via Rakuten

Details: The Canadian shopping site helps you earn money and rewards, discover brands, and gain access to great deals, promo codes and coupons from places like Sephora, Canadian Tire and GAP. Over 6 million people are Rakuten members and over $70 million in cashback has been earned to date, according to a Rakuten rep. If you join now, you get a $5 bonus!


Sign up to be a dog walker

Details: With a lot of families going away on holiday vacations, there's a need for pet sitters and dog walkers right now. If you want to get paid to play with puppies, it's super easy to sign up for Rover. Sitters who offer boarding can make up to twice as much as those who don't.

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Sign up for Respondent

Details: Love surveys? Then you'll love Respondent. You can sign up, create a profile and be matched with research studies that fit your description. Once you complete a study (they take about half an hour) you'll get paid automatically via Pay Pal. I personally filled out a survey last week and made an easy $30!


Become a temporary seasonal worker

Details: If you don't mind putting in the extra hours outside your regular job, a lot of companies like Bath & Body Works and Canada Post are hiring temporary seasonal workers right now. If you live and breathe all things beauty, then maybe a weekend gig at Sephora Canada might be of interest? You'd be amazed at how much some of these companies pay by the hour.

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