A Lotto Max Winner Says He's Going to Celebrate His Win In The Most Atlantic Canadian Way

"I can afford things I could never afford before."

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Greg Abbass holding a cheque.

Greg Abbass holding a cheque.

A lucky Lotto Max winner has dished on what he's going to do with his prize money and it's just about the sweetest thing.

On Tuesday, June 14, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation shared that Greg Abbass of New Waterford, N.S., won a $1 million Maxmillion in the May 31 draw where there were 33 of the individual prizes up for grabs as well as a $70 million jackpot.

Abbas usually buys one ticket for every draw, but for this particular occasion, he decided to buy an extra one which turned out to be a winning ticket.

“When I first spotted it, it was unreal," he said about his win. "I didn’t sleep for two days and I was right off the wall. Now, I’m back down to earth and I’m so happy.”

As for how he plans to celebrate, Abbass says he's going to have a lobster feast with family and friends, which might be the most Atlantic Canadian thing ever.

“I can afford things I could never afford before,” he said, noting that he's retired and lives on a pension. “It’s so nice to have this kind of money in your pocket.”

In terms of what he plans on doing with his $1 million, Abbass says he's going to help out some family members, treat his friends and upgrade his vehicle.

“For a couple of bucks, I can buy a ticket and have a chance just like everybody else and my chances are just as good as theirs,” Abbass said. “It gives a person a little something to hope for.”

Congrats, Greg!

If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, refer to these helplines across Canada. Support is available.

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Senior Staff Writer
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