A Polar Vortex Is Freezing 3 Provinces & Bringing 'The World's Most Frigid Air' With It

Wind chill will make it feel closer to -40 in some locations! 🥶

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A Polar Vortex Is Freezing 3 Provinces & Bringing 'The World's Most Frigid Air' With It

It's back! A freezing cold polar vortex is sweeping across many provinces in Canada and causing temperatures to drastically plunge right before Christmas.

According to The Weather Network, a lobe of the polar vortex is seeping down from the Arctic, which is letting "the world's most frigid air" spill into Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

This "deep cold snap" across the Prairies is expected to only get worse as December comes to a close and temperatures will stay frozen for the near future.

Through the weekend, temperatures are set to plummet to "brutally cold levels" with highs on Christmas Day struggling to even get out of the -20s across most of the Prairies and wind chills into the -30s.

For the following week, conditions will continue to get icier.

Daytime highs will be closer to the -30 mark for northern parts of the Prairies on December 28 and the wind chill will make it feel closer to -40 C in some spots.

It'll be -27 feeling like -37 in Regina, -29 feeling like -36 in Edmonton and -26 feeling like -35 in Saskatoon on that day!

"This is a dangerous cold snap," The Weather Network said.

The cold temperatures combined with even colder wind chill values mean it will be unsafe to spend a lot of time outdoors without protection.

Apparently, when the wind chill is in the -30s, it can take just 10 minutes for exposed skin to freeze and then hypothermia can set in not long after that.

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