The Polar Vortex Hovering Over Canada Is Shifting East & Bringing Icier Temperatures

The coldest air is going to zero in on Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada soon!

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The Polar Vortex Hovering Over Canada Is Shifting East & Bringing Icier Temperatures

Get ready to bundle up because the polar vortex is shifting east and that means it's going to get pretty frigid for more parts of the country soon.

On January 4, Chris Murphy who is a meteorologist with The Weather Network tweeted that a change in the temperature pattern is on the way.

When looking at the forecast map Murphy posted, freezing arctic air is represented in purple and the deeper the purple is, the colder the air is.

While most northern and western parts of the country will stay in a deep freeze through to January 8, the icy grip of the polar vortex is going to loosen up and temperatures will start to warm up a bit after that.

Pockets of warmer weather will pop up in B.C. on January 9 that will then move into southern parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the following days.

That means the coldest air will shift to the east and hover over Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada by January 10 then continue through to beyond January 11.

In December 2021, the polar vortex zeroed in on western and northern parts of the country so much so that before the year ended, almost all of the coldest places on the planet were in Canada.

Edmonton and Grand Prairie in Alberta were in third and fourth place as temperatures there reached -40 C and -42 C respectively.

The icy weather also led to extreme cold warnings being issued in Western Canada as the wind chill was expected to make it feel as low as -55 C!

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