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Canada's Weather Will See 'Major Pattern Upheavals' In January & It's Going To Get So Cold

Some places will see the coldest temperatures they've had in four years. 😬

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Canada's Weather Will See 'Major Pattern Upheavals' In January & It's Going To Get So Cold

If you thought December was cold, Canada's weather is about to get even chillier for the month of January.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), the start of the new year is bringing with it some flip-flopping weather and Canadians can expect some "major pattern upheavals" throughout the month.

"While December featured a clearly defined (and contrasting) temperature pattern across Canada, that will not be the case for most of January," noted TWN.

In Western Canada, the beginning of January has been seriously cold just like it was at the end of December, and unfortunately, that's going to hang around for a few more days. From January 5 to 10, a chilly blast of Arctic air will have temps feeling between 10 and 20 degrees colder than normal for much of the region.

Over to the east, there will be "quick shots of Arctic air" through Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, but it won't last for long as milder weather makes its way into those areas.

The following week is when the shakeup happens.

The west will be getting some relief from the bone-chilling cold as milder Pacific air flows into Yukon, B.C., and the Prairies, according to TWN.

It's bad news for the eastern half of the country, though.

"The coldest air of the season thus far will spread into Ontario, Quebec and then into Atlantic Canada early next week," said TWN. "Many places, including Montreal, could see their coldest temperatures in four years." Yikes!

For the third week of the month, it looks like Eastern Canada will finally see some consistent winter weather, with conditions expected to be more in line with where they should be for the season. However, TWN notes that this could change as it's the part of the forecast they're least confident with.

"Regardless of how the weather pattern unfolds for the third week of January and into the fourth week of January, we expect that the final days of January and early February will feature a return to a familiar pattern -- the one that has dominated since early December," TWN said.

This means that Western Canada is going to have consistently cold weather again come February and Eastern Canada will see milder conditions.

Stay safe and warm, folks!

    Sarah Rohoman
    Trending Staff Writer
    Sarah Rohoman is a Senior Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Trending Desk focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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