Ontario's Weather Forecast Predicts 'Extreme Warmth' This Week & It'll Feel Just Like Spring

If It wasn't so rainy it be BBQ worthy.

High Park in Toronto

High Park in Toronto

Have you always dreamed of being a snowbird but aren't quite old or pension-savvy enough to have a condo in Florida? Good news! Ontario's weather forecast is cutting you some slack.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), residents of the province will spend the first week of 2023 basking in a pattern of "extreme warmth," which though exciting, isn't quite what it sounds like. So, don't go jumping into any lakes unless you want to partake in a polar bear plunge.

Daytime temperatures are expected to float 15 or more degrees above seasonal this week, leaving cities such as Windsor, London and St. Catharines soaring into double-digit territory.

TWN reports that Ontario’s mildest conditions will arrive on Tuesday, with experts saying that residents could see "one of the warmest January days in recent memory." The province's forecast could also see temperatures peak high enough to approach the all-time warmest records for the month.

"Toronto’s all-time warmest January temperature was a balmy high of 17.6°C set back in 2005," TWN states. "Monthly records range from nearly 20°C in southwestern Ontario to just into the double-digits at the mouth of the St. Lawrence."

Unfortunately, the warm front that is moving through Ontario will also bring rain and strong winds, with gusts potentially reaching 80 km/h. After this system passes, the winds will shift and bring in colder air from the north, causing temperatures to return to typical levels for this time of year by the end of the week.

In conclusion, residents will be able to ditch their layers and parkas at the top of the week but will want to keep their mittens on standby for the weekend.

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Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.