Ontario's January Weather Forecast Is Out & You'll Want A Snow Shovel Handy

Snow squalls are on the way.❄️🧤

Heavy snowfall on an Ontario road. Right: Man clearing snow from a neighbourhood street.
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Heavy snowfall on an Ontario road. Right: Man clearing snow from a neighbourhood street.

You'll want to have your winter shovels and toques handy for the month of January because it looks like Ontario is in for lots of snow. According to the Farmers' Almanac long-range weather forecast, winter storms will be hitting provinces across Canada and Ontario's weather is no exception.

Farmers' Almanac makes long-term weather predictions up to two years in advance with a mathematical and astronomical formula that has been used for over two centuries. Here's what it's calling for in January 2023.

The Ontario weather shows "variable cloudiness with a few rain or snow showers" at the end of December and cold yet fair conditions into the new year. Much of January, however, is forecasted to be cold and snowy.

Snow is on the horizon and at times, lots of it. From January 4 to 7, you can expect fair weather conditions for the eastern provinces which will turn to snow near the St. Lawrence River Valley. Heavy snow continues around the Great Lakes from January 8 to 11.

That snow is likely to stick around as from January 12 to 15 all of Ontario will be cold with fair conditions. Enjoy these few days of respite since snow squalls are expected to hit the Great Lakes between January 16 and 19.

Keep your shovel close since snowy days will continue for the remainder of the month and heavy snow is expected from January 20 to 23. Western Ontario is anticipated to get about ten centimetres of snow. Up to 30 centimetres of snow is expected in central and eastern Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton.

The remainder of the month will stay on this trajectory and end with some wind and snow flurries.

Megan Johnson
Staff Writer
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