Air Canada Is Bringing Back So Many Flight Routes & There's A Bunch Of Dreamy Destinations

You can fly to places like Thailand, Australia, India and so many more!

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A boat on the shore in Thailand. Right: A street-view in Peru.

A boat on the shore in Thailand. Right: A street-view in Peru.

Ready to pack your bags? Air Canada just announced that it's bringing back a bunch of dreamy international routes and you can fly to destinations like Australia, India, Thailand and so many more.

On June 20, the airline confirmed that it would be re-introducing a number of its international flights before the end of 2022, as well as establishing a few new ones.

The company says it's responding to "pent-up demand" for international travel by bringing back around 81% of its international capacity before the end of the year.

Travellers hoping to say goodbye to the Canadian winter will be able to jet off to the South Pacific by December, with seasonal services to places like Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.

An adventure to South America could also be on the table, thanks to the re-introduction of services from both Montreal and Toronto to Lima, Peru.

Those who've been waiting for a simpler route to Thailand may be glad to know that the airline is also introducing its first non-stop service to South-East Asia. This means, from December, passengers will be able to catch a flight from Vancouver directly to Bangkok, without having to make a stop en-route.

Daily flights to Mumbai will also restart from Toronto from October 29, with a stop at London Heathrow on the way.

While it's a few months before these routes get going, tickets are available to purchase online already.

More and more Canadians are beginning to travel internationally again, thanks in part to the changing COVID-19 situation and the subsequent relaxing of public health measures at Canada's border and overseas.

That said, the surge in demand has caused backlogs and complications for those who need passport services.

Canadian airports also continue to deal with delays and long lines, due in part to the remaining travel restrictions and staff shortages post-pandemic.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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