Baby Name Trends For 2022 Have Been Predicted & A ‘Bridgerton’ Boom Could Be Coming

Expect to hear names like Benedict, Daphne, Eloise and more! 👑

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Baby Name Trends For 2022 Have Been Predicted & A ‘Bridgerton’ Boom Could Be Coming

Baby ... Benedict? A new prediction into the top baby name trends of 2022 has revealed that Regency-era names could be making a comeback.

This month, baby naming site released its forecast for the hottest names of the year ahead.

It predicts that baby names of 2022 will "blend fun and fantasy with more serious themes of hope, strength and spirituality," and may even be inspired by some of our favourite TV shows.

Nameberry anticipates that our love for Netflix's Bridgerton, in particular, will inspire a whole generation of Edwinas, Philippas and Eloises.

The company says names like Daphne and Hyacinth have already been rapidly rising up the Nameberry charts, while Regency-era titles like Euphemia are also receiving an increasing amount of attention.

When the show returns for a second season in 2022, the experts predict such names are only going to get hotter.

In particular, they're expecting uncommon character names like Albion, Benedict, Cressida and Marina to increase in popularity, while on-trend actor names including Phoebe, Regé and Rupert may also benefit from "the Bridgerton boom."

Other names to look out for include Francesca, Genevieve, Kitty, Prudence, Portia, Simon and Theo.

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