8 Big-Name Celebs Who Have Owned Property In BC, Also Known As 'Hollywood North' (PHOTOS)

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Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson.

British Columbia is known for its natural beauty and it seems to have caught the eye of many A-list celebrities, both Canadian and American alike.

If you live in the province, there's a chance you've been starstruck by famous folks who have homes in the area enjoying the hikes, water sports, beaches, culinary delights and cultural elements the west coast province has to offer.

In fact, the province is so bumping it's been dubbed "Hollywood North" due to the fact that it's a favoured filming location for many TV shows and movies such as Deadpool and the Fifty Shades trilogy, according to Vanity Fair.

So, if you're interested in seeing how the rich and famous spend their money, here are seven famous faces who own or have owned property in B.C.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed

Kiss musician Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed Simmons own a custom "dream house" in B.C.

In a Facebook post, Tweed Simmons posted progress pics of the home coming together, sharing that it's located in Whistler.

Then in 2019, Simmons tweeted a picture of Tweed Simmons standing on their property overlooking a stunning view of the water and mountains.

It seems the couples have made themselves at home in the city — according to The Globe and Mail, in 2020, the musician and his son jammed out a few times at a local spot called The Alpine Cafe and left generous tips.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson may be an internationally recognized star, but she actually hails from a small town called Ladysmith in B.C.

Anderson recently completed renovations on her late grandmother's abandoned property, which was documented in the HGTV show Pamela's Garden of Eden.

In the trailer for the show, she says she wants her new family home to be fantastic, sexy and sustainable, which sounds like a delightful trifecta of qualities that mimic the clean lifestyle that Anderson herself lives by.

In July, she posted a video of herself on Instagram doing some gardening, which is how she chose to celebrate her birthday.

"There’s no place I’d rather be," she said of the moment, calling it "the perfect day."

Neil Patrick Harris

In 2017, Neil Patrick Harris asked Twitter for help in finding a home for himself, his husband and their kids in Vancouver and that he was particularly in search of "a sweet penthouse in Yaletown."

Shortly after, he announced that he'd successfully found a new home.

"Vancouver is a delight, especially when the sun is out," he tweeted. "I'm settling in, loving my new digs."

It seems the fam also enjoys the west coast city based on a cute Instagram post he shared.

"The Vancouver Aquarium is stellar!" he captioned a video of one of his kids looking at some otters. "Loved it! The kids learned all kinds of new things."

Jillian Harris

In 2021, Canadian personality Jillian Harris and her husband purchased a farm in the Kelowna area where she regularly shares looks inside her home and antics from her garden.

Harris said when she first saw the property she almost started crying.

"I didn’t know it at the time, but I think what had me in tears was so many of the things that reminded me of my childhood, like the Saskatoon bushes, Aspen trees, wild asparagus, a 50-year-old rhubarb plant, a weeping willow just like the one my grandparents had in their yard," she said on her website.

That being said, it doesn't seem like she's having the best of luck financially with her garden.

"After 12 weeks, countless hours of gardening, $1000 on supplies and daily watering we're able to enjoy $2 turnips," she wrote over a video of herself happily showing off her vegetables.

Hey, at least you got something out of it!

Kim Cattral

Kim Cattrall might be known best as savvy New Yorker Samantha from Sex and the City, but the actress' B.C. home couldn't be farther away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

According to Homes and Gardens, Cattrall lives on Vancouver Island and her property looks out onto stunning water views.

The actress once posted a video from her backyard of orcas frolicking in the water — how magical is that?

Bill Gates

Bill Gates.

Bill Gates.

Frédéric Legrand | Dreamstime

When he's not off attempting to solve the problems of the world, Bill Gates calls Whistler home for part of the year, according to The Globe and Mail.

According to the outlet, the uber-rich tech giant purchased public shares in the Four Seasons Whistler hotel over a decade ago.

In fact, Forbes calls Gates "a part-time resident" at the swanky spot which is known for its sprawling ski resorts and picturesque ski village, so the next time you're hitting the slopes, keep your eyes peeled for him!


The Globe and Mail also reports that singer Seal purchased a chalet in Whistler in 2005.

In fact, according to the publication, the singer proposed to Heidi Klum while they were on a skiing date in the province.

While the two are no longer together, it sounds like the event itself was quite romantic as they were flown by helicopter to a secluded spot on a glacier in Whistler the day before Christmas Eve.

"It was a unique experience," said Klum of her engagement at 14,000 feet above sea level.

Michael Bublé

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé built himself a fancy house that's located right across from his former elementary school in Burnaby, according to the Vancouver Sun.

In 2018, the 27,000-square-foot mansion was estimated to be worth around $11.8 million and reportedly has tennis courts, a swimming pool and a ice rink in the basement, because every Canadian needs to get their hockey on sometimes.

While the celebs listed above opted for the west coast of Canada, there are plenty of other big Hollywood names who sometimes call Ontario home in the summer.

Muskoka, also known as the "Malibu of the North," has had A-listers like Steven Spielberg, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hanks and David and Victoria Beckham either spend time in the region or even own property.

Of course, much like some of the Canadian west coast celebs have, Ontario celebs also flock to the area.

Simu Liu, Jim Carrey and Justin and Hailey Bieber either own or have stayed in Ontario's cottage country, and to be honest it looks pretty idyllic.

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