Alberta's Weather Forecast Is Calling For Snow Flurries & Freezing Cold Temps Next Week

It's going to be a cold one! ❄️

Calgary in the winter.

Calgary in the winter.

After a pretty mild February so far, the Alberta weather forecast is calling for snow flurries and a pretty drastic temperature drop next week.

According to The Weather Network, Calgary is in for a pretty mild Family Day long weekend with some potentially scattered flurries.

However, the Calgary weather forecast is estimating that the city will see around 10 centimetres of snow on Monday, February 20.

The weather takes a turn with the city seeing a return to winter temperatures as of Tuesday, February 21. In addition to the small amount of snow, the city will also be around minus 15 degrees, though it's likely to feel like a far chillier minus 22.

It only gets worse on Wednesday and Thursday, when temperatures will be around minus 20 but will feel a whole lot colder at minus 27.

Edmonton will also see pretty similar conditions, but luckily, it's looking to be a little sunnier, which should help with those frigid temperatures.

And while temperatures across the province are set to rise by Friday, stretches of cold weather are sadly expected to continue into March too.

This is due to a "displacement of the polar vortex" which means "significant cold shots" could be on the horizon, according to TWN.

The network added that a "sudden stratospheric warming event" gets underway "when the polar vortex is decimated and sends lobes of the polar vortex further south," which is expected to take place over the next few weeks.

Here's to hoping for a better April, as the current forecast for Alberta is predicting that the province will be getting some pretty pleasant spring conditions to kick off the month.

However, it might be short-lived as there's also likely to be some "gusty winds and showery" conditions too.

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.