Alberta's Weather Forecast Is Looking 'Blustery' & Snow Might Hit This Week

The wind is going to be intense!

Fall in Alberta

Fall in Alberta

Alberta weather is about to get blustery with a lot of wind and some snow is potentially coming to the province this week.

After some pretty warm temperatures through the beginning of October, Alberta is getting a taste of fall with some "blustery and chilly" weather as a cold front makes its way across the Prairies early in the week, according to The Weather Network.

The forecast said winds that began pushing through Alberta on Monday night will make their way across to eastern parts of the province with gusts reaching up to 70 km/h at times.

While showers made their way across the province too, temperatures might just dip cold enough to see "snowflakes in the foothills," the forecast added.

The windy weather will then move further east into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

While Regina and Saskatoon are set to see the worst of the wind with gusts of over 70 km/h on Wednesday, Alberta will still be slightly blustery with a drop in temperature for the next couple of days.

But Albertans will be happy to know the cold temperatures won't last long and warmer temperatures will be back in the province on Thursday.

The fall forecast for Alberta said the province was in for a "fairly windy" season with near-normal temperatures over the next couple of months.

Still, most Albertans will happily take some windy conditions before the snow sets in, and according to the province's winter forecast, there will be tons of the stuff.

So make the most of those fall days!

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.