5 Of The Best Calgary Neighbourhoods To Stay In If You're Visiting The City For The Weekend

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Someone in Inglewood, Calgary. Right: Calgary

Someone in Inglewood, Calgary. Right: Calgary

Despite being a small city, Calgary has so many different neighbourhoods to visit or stay in and they all have something unique to offer.

Whether you're looking for bustling restaurants, to catch some live music or spend time chilling in one of the city's stunning parks, there are so many amazing spots to get to know. If you know where to look, you're bound to find a gem.

If you're visiting Calgary anytime soon, these are the best neighbourhoods to stay in as well as some of the best things to see and do while you're there.


If you're looking for a great, central location with tons of shopping, fantastic restaurants and bars, and plenty of parks, the Beltline is a great place to start.

The Beltline is just a short walk to the heart of Downtown Calgary and there are a ton of places to explore. Victoria Park has tons of historic buildings with some of the areas best restaurants and bars on First St. S.W.

One place that's well worth heading to is First Street Market, a food hall with tons of different incredible food stalls serving up everything from Italian to Indian or Mexican cuisine. It's all under one roof so it's perfect if you're in a group and all want to eat something different.

It's well worth checking out the iconic Ten Foot Henry on First St., one of Calgary's most beloved restaurants for delicious food. The menu is vegetable-forward but there are still options for meat lovers too.

There's also the newly opened Four Dogs Brewing Company, where you can relax with a pint of craft beer or Proof where you can get incredible cocktails.

If you venture onto 10 Ave., there are plenty more bars including Craft Beer Market, which has an impressive selection of craft beer and a great rooftop patio.


If art and music are more your speed, you might want to consider the historic neighbourhood of Inglewood. It's just a short walk from downtown, but it feels like you've completely stepped out of the city.

While you're exploring the local area, you can visit the Esker Foundation, a free gallery full of contemporary art with exhibitions rotating in and out fairly often. You can easily spend an hour or so walking around and taking it all in.

Inglewood is also part of Calgary's "Music Mile," with two iconic venues, The Blues Can and The Ironwood Stage & Grill, which both have shows throughout the week.

The area is also unmatched if you love to shop local, with so many unique stores lining the streets with gifts, clothes, beauty products and more. It's also a great place to check out some vintage stores like Peacock Boutique, Hello Vintage and Change Is Good.

If you're into local beers, Inglewood is the place to be with some many cool and unique breweries to grab a drink in the sunshine like Cold Garden, Ol' Beautiful and High Line. For cocktails and delicious plates, look no further than Business & Pleasure.


The neighbourhood of Mission is right by the Elbow River, making it an excellent spot to chill out on a summer's day, float down the river or even go for a walk alongside it.

If you're looking for green space, Lindsay Park is just a short walk from the main strip of restaurants and stores of Fourth St. S.W. The park has disc golf, and plenty of secluded areas where you can relax by the Elbow River.

There are plenty of great restaurants from the newly opened Class Clown where you can grab delicious burgers, hot dogs and more. Roy's Korean Kitchen is also a must-eat with exceptional food and a great cocktail list.

The area also hosts the Fourth St. Night Market on a couple evenings in the summer where you can check out local food trucks and stalls from makers and businesses throughout the city.


Just across the Bow River from downtown Calgary, Bridgeland is a great neighbourhood to stay in if you want to be able to explore on foot as the area is so walkable.

It feels like a small town with dozens of delicious restaurant and bars to check out on First Ave. N.E. and the surrounding area so it's well worth taking your time to look around.

If you're in the area, you should spend some time exploring in Bridgeland Market. The grocery store probably isn't for your everyday shopping but it has tons of unique and locally made fresh foods that are perfect to stock up for a picnic.

One of the most popular restaurants in the area is Shiki Menya for ramen, however, you'll need to get down there early as they only have limited supply daily and there's usually a hefty line.

You can also jump on the C-Train for a stop or walk down to the Calgary Zoo which is incredibly fun whether you're travelling with kids or not. At the zoo, you'll be able to see everything from hippos to lions or even grizzly bears.


If you cross over Calgary's famous Peace Bridge on the Bow River, you'll reach the neighbourhood of Kensington which if the perfect place to stay if you want a more laid back and relaxed experience.

The area has so many impressive restaurants, cute cafes and independent shops that are well worth taking the time to explore. If you love barbecue, look no further than the mouth-watering menu at Hayden Block where you can even catch live music on weekends.

Cat lovers will want to check out Regal Cat Cafe, the most adorable cafe in the city. The spot has adoptable cats roaming through its "Kitty Kingdom" while you're sipping on coffee.

You can also catch a movie at the Plaza, an independent cinema just in the heart of the neighbourhood which serves up your favourite movie theatre snacks as well as having an impressive selection of cocktails and beverages for a luxury experience.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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