Parts Of Alberta Could See Over A Month's Worth Of Rain In 2 Days & There Are Flood Warnings

Brace yourselves for a wet week! 🌧️☂️

Calgary in the rain.

Calgary in the rain.

Albertans are in for some really wet weather, with parts of the province expected to receive over 100 millimetres of rainfall in the next couple of days — more than we would usually see in a month!

According to The Weather Network, parts of southern Alberta are likely to see "enormous amounts of rainfall" over the next 48 hours, with most of the wet weather focused on the southern Alberta foothills.

Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at TWN, said a combination of a "slow-moving system and upsloping winds" could lead to rainfall totals exceeding 100 millimetres in areas like Banff, Nordegg, Kananaskis, Okotoks and High River.

Calgary is also forecast to receive up to 100 millimetres of rain, while Edmonton could see up to 50 millimetres.

Usually, Calgary would see around 94 millimetres of rain throughout the entire month of June, according to TWN. However, this year the city will see more than that in just two days.

Environment Canada has issued rainfall warnings for southwestern regions of Alberta, including Calgary, due to a threat of "localized flooding" through until Wednesday, June 15.

Rain will persist over the area until Wednesday, and some areas could see rainfall totals of "150 mm or more," the alerts said.

Heavy downpours could cause flash floods, water pooling on roads and localized flooding, Environment Canada warned.

"Watch for possible washouts near rivers, creeks and culverts," it said.

The City Of Calgary also urged people to stay off the Elbow River in boats or any other watercraft, adding it is monitoring the significant rainfall forecast in Kananaskis.

It said while flooding over the riverbanks isn't expected, flow rates could increase, making conditions on and near the river "dangerous."

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.