Someone Shared Alberta Gas Prices From March 2020 & It's Bringing A Tear To People's Eyes

"Remember when?"

A gas station. Right: Cars on an Alberta highway.

A gas station. Right: Cars on an Alberta highway.

If there's one thing that most Canadians are united on, it's groaning over how much gas costs these days. To make things worse, one Redditor decided to share a throwback photo of gas prices in Alberta in March 2020, and people were so sad about it.

The Reddit post, titled "Remember when? Gas prices on March 23 2020," shows the low price of 68.9 cents a litre for gas in Alberta right around the time when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada.

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The price of gas has been climbing recently and, according to CAA, is currently at 191.5 cents a litre in Calgary and 187.8 in Edmonton.

It's safe to say everyone was pretty upset to see just how much prices have gone up in just over two years.

One Reddit user claimed the post had "brought a tear" to their eye, and honestly same.

"This is like 1996 Ontario prices," someone else joked.

Another added they'd kept a Costco receipt for the time when they were charged 55 cents a litre, the lowest gas price they'd ever paid in their life.

In comparison, one Reddit user said it had cost them $110 to fill their car at Costco last week and said that "it hurt."

They also reminisced about gas prices in 2015, when they said they had been able to fill up their car that uses premium gas for around $40.

Another user really brought everyone back down to reality, highlighting that gas prices were so low just when people had to stay home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"Too bad we didn't have anywhere to go," they said.

In April, the fuel tax was dropped in Alberta as a way to combat rising costs. Fuel tax collections aren't expected to be reinstated in the province until July 1 at the earliest.

Charlie Hart
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