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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has taken aim at what he's called the "laptop class" after an article criticized Alberta's move to cut fuel tax in the province.

Kenney was responding to an article posted byThe Globe And Mail, that called on him and other premiers, including Ontario's Doug Ford, Saskatchewan's Scott Moe and B.C.'s John Horgan, to "hit the breaks on taxpayer money to subsidize drivers".

In a tweet including a screenshot of the article, Kenney blasted the story as "predictable."

"From the 16th floor of their downtown Toronto office tower, the Globe & Mail editorial board tut-tuts provincial govts for cutting gas taxes for working people," he said.

"The laptop class really doesn’t care about the challenges facing people who have to drive to work."

However, people were quick to respond to Kenney's statement, questioning what the "laptop class" actually is.

"Laptop class? Wtf does that mean?", one user said.

"The laptop class? Like… everyone who works?" another added.

People also joked about where you stand if you drive to work but also use a laptop. "What happens if I drive my car to work and bring my laptop with me. What class am I?" another said.

"Moving forward, I will describe myself as of The Laptop Class. My husband is strictly Desktop, with a dash of iPad," another user joked.

Other Twitter users pointed out that politicians might actually be considered the "laptop class".

"Please, define 'laptop class.' And, clarify if it includes politicians, social media teams, and issues managers," one person said.

Alberta cut fuel tax from April 1 in order to combat "skyrocketing" fuel prices. The suspension of fuel tax means that 13 cents a litre has been knocked off gas prices in the province.

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