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Canada Is Sending $25 Million In Protective Gear To Ukraine & 'There Will Be More'

"Many, many options are on the table."

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly. Right: Ukrainian flag.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly. Right: Ukrainian flag.

The federal government has announced that they will be sending $25 million of protective gear to Ukraine in response to Russia's invasion and that "there will be more."

On Sunday, February 27, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly tweeted about the update.

"Ukraine has asked for more equipment to keep their soldiers safe," Joly tweeted. "They need helmets, body armour and gas masks. Canada is delivering just that with an additional $25M worth of protective gear. And there will be more."

In an interview with CBC News about the invasion by Russia, Joly said Canada has been working "in lockstep" with allies to help Ukraine.

Joly noted that protecting the delivery of the protective gear is important and that she's been in contact with G7 allies as well as her Polish counterpart to ensure the "delivery mechanism through the Polish-Ukraine border."

"I've said it and I say it again, our goal is to suffocate the Russian regime. So yes, we will impose more sanctions. Yes, we will do more, and many, many options are on the table," she said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also posted about the supplies Canada will be sending.

"To help the people of Ukraine defend themselves, we’re sending them additional military supplies that have been requested – including night vision goggles, body armour, gas masks, and helmets," he tweeted on February 27.

He said that the Canadian Armed Forces will provide airlift support and reiterated his support for Ukraine.

"As we continue to respond to President Putin’s brazen disregard for international law and human rights, we’ll be there for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people," he tweeted.

Earlier today, the federal government announced that Canada is no longer allowing Russian aircraft operators to fly in the country's airspace and that the restriction is "effective immediately."

"All of Canada is united in its outrage of President Putin's aggression against Ukraine," Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra said in a Transport Canada news release.

"In response, we have closed Canadian airspace to Russian-owned or operated aircraft. The Government of Canada condemns Russia’s aggressive actions and we will continue to take action to stand with Ukraine.”

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    Sarah Rohoman
    Trending Staff Writer
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