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Canada Urges Travellers To Avoid Ukraine Due To 'Russian Threats & Risk Of Armed Conflict'

Travellers should fly home while "commercial means are available."

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Canada Urges Travellers To Avoid Ukraine Due To 'Russian Threats & Risk Of Armed Conflict'

Travellers from Canada are being told to avoid all trips to Ukraine right now due to "Russian threats and the risk of armed conflict."

Over the last few weeks, the Russian government has been hinting at an invasion of Ukraine. This has created a high level of international tension between both countries, the U.S., Canada and more.

So, if you had plans to visit the Eastern European nation, the federal government is urging you to rethink your travel plans and to avoid the country right now.

The advisory, which was updated on February 2, states that, “There is a risk of armed conflict in Ukraine. Since November 2021, there have been increased Russian threats and military buildup near the border with Russia and in illegally occupied Crimea."

"Security conditions are unpredictable and could deteriorate without notice," it continues.

It also warns that, “Russian military action in Ukraine could disrupt transportation routes and services throughout the country.”

The government is also urging Canadians currently in the country to come home while “commercial means are available.” Depending on what happens next, flights could be cancelled, delayed with short or no notice, or even become scarce.

The feds warn that all of these things could make it hard to leave the country.

Due to Canada evacuating all non-essential people from its embassy in Kyiv, providing services for Canadians in Ukraine will be also “severely limited.”

Canadian citizens who are there right now are asked to register or update their information through the Registration of Canadians Abroad Service ASAP.

Simply put, Canada has said that “You should not depend on the Government of Canada to help you leave the country.”

So, it would be best to cancel any trips you might have planned out to Ukraine while this situation is developing.

If you do need to be in Ukraine for an essential reason, the Canadian government recommends following trustworthy news sources, having all your documentation in order, having a safety plan and communicating with others about where you are and where you’re going.

The Government of Canada's global travel advisory, which came into effect last year, remains in place for all other non-essential travel abroad.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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