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Everything You Need To Know For July 7

Including an athlete who makes '50 times more' from OnlyFans than pro volleyball!

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​A woman stands in the water at Gaff Point. Right: Goofballs trespass on a farmer's field to take photos.

A woman stands in the water at Gaff Point. Right: Goofballs trespass on a farmer's field to take photos.

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In Case You Missed It

1. There Are Hidden Beaches Across Canada; Go Find Them

If you're not taking advantage of the brief window when Canada isn't enveloped by two feet of ice, snow and slush, you're doing it wrong. From coast to coast, there is no shortage of public — but relatively secluded — beaches where you can enjoy a hot afternoon away from the masses. From B.C. to Nova Scotia, Katherine Caspersz breaks down seven hidden beaches worth taking a road trip for.

2. Thanks To Her OnlyFans Account, This Volleyball Star Could Retire Tomorrow

Brazilian volleyball player Key Alves turned heads this week when she revealed that she makes "50 times more" from modelling on OnlyFans compared to her pro sports career. According to Josh Elliott, the 21-year-old Alves says she could retire from sports but still enjoys playing volleyball — and credits the sport with bolstering her profile. Read more about Alves' unique position here.
  • My take: It's not entirely surprising that someone with 3.5 million combined followers across Instagram and TikTok has leveraged that following on OnlyFans — even though she says she's not even posting nudes. Alves' "50 times more" quote might speak as much to the modesty of a pro volleyball player's salary than anything else.

3. Hey Goofballs: Quit Trampling Farmers' Crops To Take Your Pictures

Here's a novel concept: if you aren't explicitly invited onto someone's property, maybe don't show up and start wrecking the place for social media clout. The Ontario Provincial Police are warning would-be Instagrammers and TikTokers not to trespass after social media mavens caused upward of $2,000 in damages to the crops of a canola field off the side of Highway 10. Sarah Crookall has further details on the episode here.

4. We Need To Talk About This 'GentleMinions' Thing

Speaking of weird social media trends, it's not yet entirely clear what's happening with this whole "GentleMinions" saga. The gist, Cata Balzano writes, is that groups of Gen Z teens have been showing up to movie theatres in suits to see Minions: The Rise of Gru. It mostly seems like everyone is having a great time hyping up an otherwise run-of-the-mill animated comedy, though a few cinemas in the U.K. have banned the trend due to the disruptive atmosphere.

  • My take: Sony should re-cut Morbius as a Minions movie and put it back into wide release for a third time. Obviously no one would watch it but it would be funny to watch that movie flail for a bit longer.

5. This Castle-Like Island Home Is For Sale In Ontario For Under $800K

Nestled in the middle of the Detroit River on Ontario's Boblo Island is a massive 15-room home that's currently listed for just $777,777, Madeline Forsyth writes. Because of the geography, you're going to want your own boat to get to and from the island — though there's a ferry that shuttles passengers across to Amherstburg. The bad news is that if Michigan ever invades Ontario, your front lawn will likely be a major point of interest for the U.S. navy. Check out the beautiful property here.

What Else You Need To Know Today

There are a few food-related faux holidays being celebrated today, including World Chocolate Day, National Strawberry Sundae Day and National Macaroni Day. It's also Global Forgiveness Day and Tell the Truth Day — a chance for your pal to forgive you for admitting you didn't like their attempt at creating "dessert pasta salad."

After months of turmoil, Boris Johnson is set to resign as Britain's prime minister, bringing to an end a period of public revolt from his colleagues amid a dragging ethics scandal.

Peak firework season is mostly behind us but this viral clip showing the results of a very poorly planned local firework show is a great reminder that maybe you shouldn't pack enough explosives to blow up a car mere metres from where the crowd of onlookers has amassed.

Unlike his ill-fated moment with the Stanley Cup last month, John MacFarlane notes that Colorado Avalanche winger Nicholas Aubé-Kubel had little trouble holding on to the hardware as he proposed to his girlfriend against a backdrop of (decidedly safer) fireworks.

U.S. figure skating savant Michelle Kwan is 42. Tattoo-lovin' ex-NBA provocateur Chris "Birdman" Andersen turns 44. Hoops legend — and the first player to dunk in the WNBA — Lisa Leslie hits the half-century mark. Clean comedian Jim Gaffigan can celebrate his 56th trip around the sun with a Hot Pocket. Severely underrated Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is 82.

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