Canada's Thanksgiving Forecast Is Out & We're Getting Everything From Scorching Heat To Snow

As we approach Thanksgiving in Canada, the long weekend forecast is out now and it shows that there's a huge weather divide in the country.

According to The Weather Network, the holiday weekend will have pretty much everything from mild temperatures, chilly conditions, sunshine, rain to even snow — just not in the places you might expect.

British Columbians should prepare for the coolest Thanksgiving in over a decade since temperatures at the airport sank to 12 C in 2008. Alberta's not excluded either as an approaching frontal system means there's snow in the air to be followed by chilly winds. Calgarians, beware: your formal family dinners might include a snowsuit or two!

The Prairies, on the other hand, could see above seasonal temperatures with the threat of stormy weather. It's not often that thunderstorms roll in at this time of the year, according to The Weather Network, but at least it should distract from boring dinner talk.

Things keep getting hotter the further east you go, and temperatures are expected to reach the 20s across northern Ontario — in fact, Hudson Bay will be hotter than Mexico this weekend! The warmth extends into Quebec too so winter could feel like a very distant threat indeed.

Atlantic Canada is also getting a bit of heat — 19 C in Moncton and 18 C in Halifax — but it's a bit cloudier and St. John's is in for rain and clouds. Might as well enjoy it, though, since winter is just around the corner and things are gonna get snowy!

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